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This 1972 Plymouth Satellite is in good running and driving condition with some issues of note. This
vehicle is considered to be in good driver quality and not a show car. The passenger side wiper arm
does not move when the wipers are turned on. The windshield washer does not work. The hood,
doors, fenders, and trunk lid are all slightly misaligned. There are minor misc scratches around the
vehicle, some too small to see in pics. The paint is aged, faded, and dull. The body seals around the
windows are showing signs of age and wear. This includes the doors, windows, trunk, and other
miscellaneous body seals. They will need a replacement. The underside shows areas of minor
surface rust. See pictures. The right front side marker light is missing. The hazard light switch does
not work. The taillight lenses are cracked and the right side does not sit straight in the housing.
Checked vehicle with a magnet and found it to stick all around but was weaker in the lower panels.
Not excessive. Heavy in one repair spot on the right rear quarter panel. The horn does not work.
The seats are moderately worn from age with some of the seams starting to separate. The dash is
cracked and broken under the aftermarket radio on the right side of the steering column. The A/C is
not blowing cold and the compressor did not turn on. The A/C system is not functioning. More
diagnosis necessary. The interior trim shows average wear for the age. There are scratches on the
wheels and the tires are wearing evenly with good tread depth remaining. The fan clutch has failed
and will need to be replaced. The transmission shifts feel slightly slow and soft. No slipping or harsh
engagement noted. The engine had plenty of power and there were no misfires or excessive
smoking. The steering was responsive and the suspension was firm and the vehicle handled well.
There were no abnormal vibrations or odd noises. The brakes were firm with no pulsation felt. There
were no leaks found to the underside of the vehicle. See above pictures for more info.


price £10,000
mileage 29912
year 1972
transmission Auto
condition Running Project
power 255
doors 2
fuel Petrol
engine cm3 400
seats 4
colour Yellow
drive Left Hand Drive
drive type Rear Wheel Drive